Private Pal 1.1, Finally, Comes

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Private Pal 1.1, Finally, Comes

帖子Zax » 2012-06-07 6:02

New Version of v1.1 has been FINALLY submitted to Apple, Waiting for their reviews, and God bless PP for passing it asap.

Although just a sub-version update, but with huge changes from UI to core. And again:From Good To Better!

What's new:
1. Add file support and full-resolution image support. video support, large file encryption support.
2. Add common file preview support including MS Office files(Word, Excel, PPT), iWork, pdf, photos, videos, etc.
3. Add Bulk import feature for photos/videos.
4. Add 'Small Icon', 'Large Icon' display mode and auto thumbnail generation.
5. Add "Create Format Copy" feature when editing an item.
6. Add "Recents" List.
7. "Search" and "Favorites" list now include categories.
8. Add Multi-account support; Add "Share" feature among all accounts.
9. Add "Access Password" feature for single category or item.
10. Many UI update, performance update, memory use optimize, and, many many more...

Images of descriptions for coming version:
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