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Private Pal Help (1) - How to Create, View and Search

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Private Pal Tutorial(1) - How to Create, View and Search

Here just show a simple tutorial for How to create & view Categories/Items in Private Pal.

1. Create Categories

When first start Private Pal, you got a empty list, the first thing you may need to do is to create categories for your secret items. which helps you better manage or navigate them.
Since Private Pal support creating multi-layer categories. you may first decide a proper hierarchy for them all.

1.1 Start to create
You can start creating category(or item) in two ways:
i) Tap "Create New Item" Button at the button of the list in "Category View".
ii)Tap "Edit" in navigation bar to start Editing, and then tap "Add" button at the top-left of navigation bar.
if you do not see those buttons, make sure your are in "Category View" mode (select it at the first place of the Tab Bar), and make sure you are not doing search currently.

1.2 Select creation type: "Category" .

1.3 Input the category name (Must) and the descriptions (Optional) for your category.

1.4 If you have already created some categories, you can tap the "Parent Category" row and select another parent category for your new category.

1.5 Save and Exit
When Finished, Tap the "Save" button at top-right corner and the category will be created.

2. Create Secret Item

2.1 Start to Create
Just follow the steps in Section 1.1 to start creation

2.2 Choose a Item type to create
Private Pal provides flexible item creation, which means you can create custom fields with different type in any type of secret items.
Here the type you choose just affect the icon and default fields it has when the item is initialized, but you still can add, edit or delete any fields of the item.

2.3 Edit Content
Input a name(Must) and description (Optional) for you new item,which will be used in Search.

2.3.1 Add new field
You can add any custom fields for a single secret item, there are two ways for do this:
1)Automatic. When you are editing the last row of field, and input a non-empty value, Private Pal will then automatically add an empty "Simple Text" field bellow it.
2)Tap the "Add New Field Row" cell, and select a field type for new field. In this way, you can add multi-line text and photo fields, which will not be auto-added.
When Adding a photo, there will be two buttons appear.
图片 is for selecting a photo from saved photos,
图片 is for taking a photo from camera right now.

2.3.2 Edit Fields
You can:
Delete field by tap the "delete"图片 button, and confirm your delete;
Re-order the fields by drag the "re-order"图片 button to another row;
Edit field name or values by tap the input area and input a new.

2.4 Change Parent Categories
Private Pal support "Category Tag", which means you can add one secret item to multiple parent categories. Then you can find it under any of those categories, and when need to edit the item, you only need to edit once.
When creating a new Item, its parent category is default set to current category, by tap the "Add To Other Category" cell, or tap a parent category cell, you can start choosing new parent categories form a category tree.

2.5 Save and Exit
When Finished, Tap the "Save" button at top-right corner and the item will be created.

3. View, Edit and Search

3.1 View Item List
There are two kinds of lists for viewing items in Private Pal.
图片: Category View. In this list, all categories and items will be listed with hierarchy, when you delete a secret item from this list, the item will only be deleted from current category, not from all categories it belongs to. If you do search in Category View mode, the Fast Search will search through all items;
图片: Star Items. In this list, all items with Star flag will be listed here without categories. delete a item in this list will delete the item from all its parent categories. If you do search in Star Item mode, you can not search out "Starred" items.

3.2 Wild Search
Input keywords in Search Field could find secret items you want.
For example:
search "Ban" and you may find "Bandage" and "Bank"....
If you want to do wild search, use a underline to match single missing character, and use percent sign(%) to match any missing texts.
For example:
search: "B_g" and you may find "Bag", "Bug"...., but may not match "Blog" or "Bg";
Search: "B%g" and you may find "Bag", "Bug"...., and also "Blog", "Bg", "Background"....
You can use this wild sign more than once in a single search,
For example:
Search: "b%g%d%g" and you may find "Big Dog" or "Bug Digging"
Btw, Searching is not case sensitive。

3.2 View/Edit Single Item
Tap the "Edit" button in navigation bar could switch on/off Editing mode.

In Editing Mode, Tap a category or Item in the list could start editing it. You can do everything that you could do when Create a item or category in Section 1.
When you switch on editing in Category View, this will display a bulk-action bar at the bottom of the screen:
which is used for adding/removing Star Flag for ALL items and categories in current list. You can also use it in search result list, to add star flag to all searched out results.

In View Mode, Tap a category and you will step into the category to see all its sub-categories, Tap the back arrow button in Navigation Bar to step out;
Tap a secret item could start viewing its details, if the item has photos, tap the photo to have a full-screen viewport, you also can do dragging, zoom-in or zoom-out for a photo with your fingers when viewing it in full-screen viewport.
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