Showing iOS Album Photos

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Showing iOS Album Photos

帖子Sterntaucher » 2019-03-10 11:59

Hi there!

the Album Map feature is a great tool and very helpful finding certain places in the field or finding photos by location.

The only point is, as soon as I activate the Album Map button, my map view and zoom level gets lost. Map Plus zooms out to the world map because my album photos where made all over the world. Retrieving the desired map section and zoom level in best case is a time consuming task and sometimes even impossible.

Zax, could you think about a solution turning the Album Map ON / OFF without changeing the map section and zoom level? Maybe you can place a second switch button:


Album Map
- show iOS album photos: ON / OFF
- keep zoom level and map section: ON / OFF

Thank You soo much!

Cheers, Sterntaucher
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