Distance rings and bearing line

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Distance rings and bearing line

帖子Sterntaucher » 2019-02-20 13:46

‪Hi there,‬

‪as I'm trying to convince some of my collegues to change from android based app "Locus" to iOS MapPlus, I can often hear them arguing that in some points "Locus" and others offer some great features which support orientation when outside in the fields.‬

‪To make these features even better, I thought about an improved and even more versatile version, which could look like that:‬

‪- Distance rings:‬
‪Two or more concentric dashed rings placed fix around the own location.‬
‪These distance rings can be edited in the Map-UI menu (ON / OFF, radius in X-meters or radius = "auto"). These rings could look like that (see attached screenshot 1)‬:
Concentric distance rings
3DB0A97A-7C49-4FE2-99D2-EEE5083B0ED1.jpeg (202.19 KiB) 被浏览 4405 次

‪- Bearing line:‬
‪A line coming from the own location point‬ showing the own bearing both to the edge of the screen and as a value (in degrees). I know that the direction of the own view can be shown in MapPlus already, but this tiny white view segment is often too small, not clear enough in direct sunlight and not precise enough.

In my second screenshot I show a suggestion how that could look like:
Bearing line
0DD4A085-1AB7-461E-BF78-46E419E26E8E.jpeg (220.31 KiB) 被浏览 4405 次

Last not least: thanks a lot for your great MapPlus!

Best regards,

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