Track drawing order

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Track drawing order

帖子tonamigon » 2020-07-18 3:07

What defines the order in which the GPS tracks are drawn?

I'd like to colour the tracks by type (e.g. vehicle, walking, etc.) and overlay them.
Is it possible to determine the order of drawing for each color?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Track drawing order

帖子Zax » 2020-08-07 6:09

The drawing order is not fixed.

Generally, shape added(toggle visibility on) later to the map would be drawn on top of others, but if one triggers a reload, e.g. by changing the style or coordinate, it would be brought to the top. As a trick, you can put similar tracks into a folder, long press and choose to hide from map, then show on the map, in order to reload all tracks in it so that brings all of them to the front temporarily.

Layers could be used to manage multiple shapes with z-order support, z-order could be customized in Layer's detail information. BUT for some reason, layer does not support geometry type of recorded tracks, them have to be converted to common poly-lines (time related information would be all lost) before managed by a layer.

Here is simple steps on how to convert multiple tracks to a single line layer:
1. Go to User data > select > pick all tracks you want to be merged to a layer
2. share > save to document > choose file format as TAB or SHP > continue
3. User Data > add > import from file > pick the tab/shp file you just exported.
4. Now you got a layer and a feature class, the layer object contains all track geometries, the feature class object is used to manage styles of all tracks within the layer in a bulk.
5. z-order of a layer could be set in the detail information screen of the layer.

More usage about layers and feature classes could be found here: ... atureclass ... _gis_layer
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