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Bulk Import/Export - Icons

帖子Marsofearth » 2020-01-07 20:41


Is there anyway to bulk import a folder of icons?

Importing icons one at a time with hundreds is very tedious.

Also, is there anyway to bulk share these icons with other Map Plus users so they can use the same icons also?

On a side note what are the general file standards for a Map Plus icon - ie pixel by pixel size, file format (currently using PNG icons)
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Re: Bulk Import/Export - Icons

帖子Zax » 2020-02-29 8:36

They is no spec file format for icon only, in order to share and import bulk icons, it is suggested to use a temporary KMZ which contains temporary points/place-marks each styled with an icon from the list.

Run Google Earth (Pro) on a desktop PC/Mac, drop placemarks anywhere on the map as the same amount of the icons you want to import. Set each with a icon and save all as a KMZ file.

Now import that file to Map Plus could import all icons at the same time. Then delete all imported points from User Data, which would not affect imported icons, they still remains until you manually delete them in the Icon Manage screen.

If the editing of KMZ file is still tedious, you can try to make a plain KML with Excel/Numbers and formula. If icons are local files, you have to place all of them in a directory named "files" besides the KML, and archive the kml and "files" directory as a zip file, then rename the .zip file as .kmz file.
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