Using TAGS in conditional style

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Using TAGS in conditional style

帖子Cliffy » 2019-10-31 21:16

Is there a way to reference TAGS in conditional style? Say for example a line colour could change once tagged?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Using TAGS in conditional style

帖子Zax » 2020-02-29 7:46

Sorry but no.

For using with conditions and expression, it is suggested to only refer to custom properties (attributes), and try not use system fields such as name (title), description, notes, class name, ect.

If you want to convert TAGS to be a custom property fields, you can try
1) Make a backup of all data that could be used for data restore if following steps failed and broken your data.
1) Add a custom property named "MY_TAG" or any else to the feature class.
2) Export all data you want to make change to a CSV file, ensure the export option of NOTES, TAGS and Custom Property would all be set as ON.
3) Edit the CSV with Excel/Numbers on your PC/Mac, by cutting/copying the content of the "TAGS" column and paste into the "MY_TAG" column.
4) Import the edited CSV, ensure you have turn on the "Synchronized Import" option

If imported data lose their association with the proper feature class, you have to apply the feature class to them again and build the association during the applying.
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