Location is snapped to the road.

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Location is snapped to the road.

帖子tonamigon » 2019-10-23 3:58

The track is recorded along the road even though GPS signals could not be received in the tunnel.
I will attach a comparison image with the Garmin receiver that was recorded at the same time.
(Orange line: Map plus, Blue line: GPSMap64s)

I would like to record a track without any corrections.
Please give me advice on how to do it.

Setting > Activity Type is set to “Default”.
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Re: Location is snapped to the road.

帖子Zax » 2020-02-29 7:30

This is a iOS's internal optimzation while is controlled and updated with iOS system. Please also notice the "Activity Type" is also a iOS's locating parameter which affect the locating process before coordinates returns to our app. We do not have such snap in our code, and could do nothing but change the Activity Type to affect it.

Depending on some user test, setting the Activity Type to be "Other" could avoid such snap.
Zax Zeng
Duwei Technology
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