Reduced speed on iOS 13.0

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Reduced speed on iOS 13.0

帖子tonamigon » 2019-09-24 12:21

After updating to iOS 13.0, the overall speed of the app has become slower.
I feel that drawing the map is particularly slow.
Is it a phenomenon that occurs only for me?
I will report it just in case.

iOS: 13.0
Map plus:
iPhone: XR
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Re: Reduced speed on iOS 13.0

帖子Pooneil » 2019-10-05 1:45

My comment below has been solved by an update on iOS. Map Plus now works as usual for me.

It is still the best map program for the iPhone.

I noticed the is too, today, using Map Plus for the first time since the update. I am on 13.1.2. KMZ maps that were previously loaded now only show up in parts. The parts are squares and the ones' that show are different depending on zoom level. I am not sure if it is slow drawing or just incomplete display.

The problem means that Map Plus isn't really useful on iOS 13.x as it cannot display my whole map.

Zak, please let us know what the plan is to address this.
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Re: Reduced speed on iOS 13.0

帖子AleMizu » 2019-10-07 13:50

Since last updated Map Plus to v2.8.6.2 I've noticed it slower (same as @tonamigon above);
Noticed also a problem with imported JPG overlays in KMZ (same as @Pooneil above).
Obs.: The KMZ tested works fine in previous versions of Map Plus

Map Plus to v2.8.6.2
iOS 13.1.2
iPhone 7
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Re: Reduced speed on iOS 13.0

帖子Zax » 2020-02-29 7:22

Would you plz check the latest update and try again?
Zax Zeng
Duwei Technology
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