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Map Plus v2.2.1 release on App Store

帖子Zax » 2015-09-26 1:47

The latest version of Map Plus v2.2.1 has been release.

As a hot-fix version of v2.2, it improved the compatibility with the latest iOS 9 system, enhanced feature class and file exporting functions, also with many bug fixes.

-- What's New in v 2.2.1 --

+ Improves compatibility for iOS 9
+ Supports 3D flyover maps on iOS 9
+ Add "class" operation to fast change feature class of an item on the map in editing mode.
+ Supports icons for feature classes previewing.
+ Supports using feature classes in custom editing menu, and add "Prefer Type" setting for them.
+ Supports bulk exporting places of photos to Camera Roll.
+ Supports bulk exporting places of photos as single zip-archived file, and use it as email attachment.
+ Supports editing "Adjust Level" for online maps.
+ Supports viewing Street View of direction route steps.
+ Add new settings: Enable/disable online map caches automatic clear after edited.
+ Add KML/KMZ exporting option to enable appending custom properties to KML description.
+ Add KML/KMZ exporting option to disable appending photo metadata to KML description.
+ Bug fix: Icon rotate angle bug of feature class.
+ Bug fix: Fill color bug of feature class.
+ Bug fix: KMZ importing sometimes crash.
+ Bug fix: KMZ exporting outline style.
+ Bug fix: Exported GPX file could not be open in some desktop softwares.
+ Bug fix: sub-item title missed while importing MultiGeometry from KML/KMZ.
+ Other bug fixes and etc.

-- What's New in v 2.2 --

+ Add "Feature Class" to bulk apply styles, tags, custom properties to multiple selected items all at once.
+ Add support for importing/exporting paths and polygons in CSV, also supports custom properties and tags in CSV.
+ Add support for importing/exporting polygons with inner boundaries in KML, also add editing and measuring support.
+ Add support for direct exporting KML/KMZ/CSV and other supported formats to iCloud.
+ Add "Magnetic Snap" support to snap to the nearest points when dragging a control point or a place.
+ Add "Custom Time Zone" support for places and track paths, which enables you to set and display times with specified time zone.
+ Allow inputting altitude values in the current unit setting instead of fixed to meters.
+ Add "goto" operation for photos on the map.
+ Adjust the length of the map scale ruler.
+ Add information of "Distance From Previous" and "Distance To Next Point" for each data point of an editing/measuring path.
+ Add new settings for the default color and width of direction routes.
+ Add new settings to disable the rotate and tilt gesture of the map.
+ Bug fix: Editing a photo's information might make it disappeared from the map.
+ Bug fix: Videos could not be exported to iOS photo album.
+ Bug fix: Incorrect icon hotspots when using an icon for the first time or imported from KML/KMZ.
+ Bug fix: Custom editing menu could not create track paths, polygons, etc.
+ Other bug fixes and etc.
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