[New Version] Map Plus v2.0.2 has been submitted to Apple

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[New Version] Map Plus v2.0.2 has been submitted to Apple

帖子Zax » 2014-09-28 2:33

Map Plus latest release v2.0.2 has been submitted to Apple for review.

This version has optimized iOS 8 and iPhone 6. Enhanced GPX exporting feature a lot, and many bug fixes.

Here is the detail:

+ Optimized for iOS 8 and iPhone 6.
+ GPX Export supports export multiple items in one file.
+ GPX Export support paths without timestamps, and direction route exporting as rte.
+ GPX Export supports special characters in names and descriptions, such as (&).
+ Support sharing when viewing search result or view by tags in favorites.
+ Bulk exporting image/video with their original folders
+ Show exif informations while viewing fullscreen photos in favorites.
+ Track recording support automatically recovery when restart from unexpected quit.
+ Add setting for default email address for Sharing with Mail.
+ Add setting for ignore bounding metadata while importing MBTiles maps.
+ Remember last choice of exporting file type.
+ Fix bugs of some icons disappear, such as "selected" icon while picking photos in album.
+ Tap location button to center it on map, and Auto Center will not change zoom scale if current level is larger than level 10.
+ Add distance and area informations in on-map-pop-up window for path and shapes.
+ Fix insert point position bug when editing very large shapes or paths.
+ Chang alerts of succeed informations into auto-dismiss tips.
+ Remove partly-show layout for main buttons.
+ Other bug fixes.
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