【New Version】Map Plus version v2.0.1 has been submitted

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【New Version】Map Plus version v2.0.1 has been submitted

帖子Zax » 2014-08-28 15:21

Map Plus latest version of 2.0.1 has been submitted to Apple for reviewing, and would be available for update in App Store within 1~2 weeks.

Here are details for new features in this version:

【In App Purchase】
+ "Large File Support" is FREE now.

【Import / Export】
+ Fix bug which causes GPX Exporting not work.
+ Supports bulk exporting of photos/videos attached in map items.
+ KML/KMZ exporting add support for direction routes.
+ KML/KMZ exporting adds option for tracks to be exported with timestamp (using gx:Track) or not.
+ KMZ exporting adds option for photo compressing/resizing.
+ KMZ exporting add supports for photo orientation and EXIF preview.
+ KML exporting optimized for icon styles of some special place marks.
+ Supports importing image overlay and QR codes from iOS photo albums.
+ Support importing polylines and polygons from QR codes.
+ Support importing QRCode from files in shared folder.
+ Add sample files for importing test.

【Custom Map Layers】
+ Offline map add support for "OSMDroid" and "NaviComputer" file formats.
+ Online Maps add "Offline Mode" to disable online downloading and only display local cached data.
+ Add switch for custom maps to display its Boundaries as a box with black borders, or not.
+ Automatically detect and set map projection when show/hide a map in Layer page.

+ Labels support auto-synchronize with tiles of places (you need to set the label title as empty)
+ Fast loading time when sliding photos.
+ Album Map could be recovered when restart the app.
+ Add Perimeter in details of shapes.
+ Subtitle supports multiple line when editing.
+ Add Latest version detecting and new version alert.
+ Support open images from other apps to Map Plus directly. (need apps support "Open With" in iOS)
+ Long press "Add" button in main screen could start photo shooting immediately.
+ Add more options to control track recording in pop-up windows of Current Position and Current Track.
+ Optimized place search
+ Many other bug fixes and optimization
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