Private Pal
Private Pal aims to be the safest app against hacking and cracking, with multiple security designs far beyond ordinary. We are sure to keep all your text, photos and files as safe as possible, from display to storage.

Private Pal also offers unsurpassed features to edit and organize data. You may customize icons, orders, display modes for categories and contents, and use categories like tags to create complex multi-level hierarchies.
Security Features
▶ Storage Security
All data are encrypted with multiple algorithms, including AES-256, PPEE-256 and PPRE-1, security design is the key difference between PP and other apps, see more details from this article: Details of Private Pal Security Features
▶ Multi-account
Create several accounts to hide/protect your key account, or to share the safe with other persons. All accounts are totally separated, transparent and equal. You can also share data across all accounts by set each as "Shared".
▶ Access Password For all Levels
Private Pal can protect both categories and single items with an additional password. Useful for very important data, as additional measure in case of lost, or as alternative to a separated account.
▶ Auto Lock Screen
Adjustable auto lock time interval. Password type can be simple (4 numbers) or text (any).

Other Features
▶ Multiple Display Modes
PP can display all items and categories as list, small icons or large icons. Items with photos/videos can be listed using big or small thumbnails.
▶ User Data and Recents List
Make it much easier to find the mostly used or latest items.
▶ Fuzzy Search
Use space(' ') for fuzzy search matches, e.g. "iP e" would match "iPhone" and "IP address".
▶ Bulk Media Import
Import multiple photos and videos at a time from photo albums to PP, or export them to your camera roll.
▶ Customize Icon
Besides included icons, you can customize reusable icons on your own. Icons can also be generated automatically from any photo or video found in the current item.
▶ Customize Categories
Create categories on multiple levels with a simple tap, customize them including icons and order, and search them by name or description.
▶ Category as Tag
A single item can be assigned to multiple categories. PP’s efficient tagging design let’s you say goodbye to cumbersome and boring copy and paste.
▶ Mixed Fields
A single item can have multiple fields (rows) with different types of text, photos, videos or files. in any order. Structure, content and icons are also fully customizable.
▶ Create Format Copy
Use an existing complex item as template by copying its format and simple text content.
▶ Multiple Field Operations
Each field supports Copy, Paste, Import, Export, View, Edit, etc. What's more, PP will auto detect the phone number, website and email in text and pop-up special operations for them.
▶ File Previewing
Most common file types are supported for previewing in PP, including MS Office (Word, Excel...), iWork, rtf, pdf, csv, txt, most photos, most videos, etc.
▶ "Open In" Support
Use the "Open In" feature of other apps to directly import a file into PP.
▶ Data Backup & Smart Importing
You can archive all your data into a single protected file, and transfer to other devices with iTunes. When importing such a file, PP will compare the "last update date" of each field to make sure all your recent editing won't be replaced with older data.
▶ Color Style
Choose your preferred color for user interface.
▶ Universal App
Support both iPhone and iPad in a single app.