Map Plus
Map Plus
Map Plus is a powerful and flexible tool for managing and editing all your map data. You can use it as a GIS editor, an outdoor assistant tool, or to help you planning and recording places, photos, offline maps, tracks of your travels all around the world.

Besides basic map functions of the map viewing, searching, direction navigation, Map Plus provides some more specials, as shown bellow.

Custom Map Layers

Supports custom online and offline maps to be added and viewed in Map Plus. Supports all popular online maps such as Google Map, Bing Map, OSM, offline maps such as MBTiles, RMaps, and all kinds of image files.

Data Import

Supports importing data from files of KML, KMZ, GPX, SHP, TAB, GeoJSON, GDB, MPS, CSV and many other vector formats.

Supports all styles of KML, including icon, label, hotspot, blend color, rotate, scale, etc.

Supports gx extension and Extended Data of KML.

Supports using Feature Class to import GIS layers with default styles and attributes.

Supports editing coordinates with finger gestures on map. You can also edit data and style on an item's detail information page.

Supports using Calibration Points to provide the coordinates transformation besides the CRS projection calculation.

Supports bulk selection and editing for styles and attributes.

China Map Offset Datum Support

Supports china map of GCJ02 datum that contains an offcial offset, this let all your user data to be displayed correctly on these China maps.

Download Offline Map

Supports downloading offline maps from all popular online map services, which could be viewed without Internet connection. You can customize a polygon region and needed zoom levels (resolutions) to download.

GPS Tracking

Track your traveling route and save it to your user data.

Supports tracking in the background while you are running other apps or the device is locked.

Supports realtime backup which could recovery all you unsaved tracked data when you are restarting the app from any unexpected termination.

Supports editing a saved track to change the coordinate, altitude and timestamp of any tracked point, or divide a track into two.

Using Photos

Supports loading and displaying photos and videos from any of your iOS album onto the map.

Supports customized markup with text and shapes on photos.

Many functions are designed and enhanced for dealing with photos, which provide you a much easier and convenient way to manage and view them.

Street View

Supports street view for world wide cities and roads, including street views for Mainland China.

Folders and Tags

Custom multi-level folders and tags enable you to manage huge amount of data easily. You can copy, move or make shortcut links of features among different folders.

Feature Class

You can create custom feature classes combined with different styles, tags and custom properties. A feature class could be applied to multiple selected features/items all at once, and you can export and share your feature classes with others. The feature class makes all kinds of bulk editing become so convenient and efficient.

Using conditional styles, label expressions and script properties to get dynamic styles and content of attributes.

HTML Description

Supports using HTML as the feature's description/note, in order to show a rich formatted content with web page components of special fonts, colors. tables, web links, images, javascripts and css.

Users can use HTML and JS to get the customized UI for selected features, and are able to edit custom properties with special JS in these UI.

Editing On Map

Supports using long-press and dragging gestures to insert, edit, delete points, or change the center, radius, region, etc.

Custom Editing Menu enables you to fast create features with same styles and properties.

Route Following

Following a direction route provides you the step-by-step realtime instructions besides distance and duration information; Following a common path provides you the realtime offset from the path and left distance to the terminal point.

Measuring On Map

Supports measuring distance, area, perimeter on map. All measuring point could be edited after added.

Web Browser Access

Supports wireless viewing, editing, importing, exporting data of Map Plus with a web browser on your desktop computer or android device. Web share also provides slideshow auto-play for photos within the same folder.

Export and Share

Supports exporting data to files of KML、KMZ、GPX, etc, and sharing these files to iCloud, Twitter, iOS Album, Email, other apps like Dropbox, or save them on your desktop computer.

You can also use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer data between devices.

One-Hand Operation

Optimized for one-hand operation, makes it more convenient to use while riding or driving. And brings better experience for using on large phones such as iPhone 6 Plus.