Feature Class - Scale with Map won't work

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Feature Class - Scale with Map won't work

帖子tmad » 2019-07-15 7:01

Hey everybody,

just imported couple of shp files.
I have several layers with thousands of points so it would be handy
if I could disable the scale with map. Tried it via feature class
(scale with map - disabled) - doesn't seem to work.
Did I make a common mistake?

Looking forward to your replies,
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Re: Feature Class - Scale with Map won't work

帖子Zax » 2019-07-15 13:18

1) Please notice that the "Scale With Map" indicates whether the icon scales its size while you zoom in/out the map.
If enabled (by default), when zoom out, icons become smaller than regular size.
If disabled, icon always shows the same size (pixel size on screen) for all zoom levels.

2) Ensure your've adjusted the associated feature class of the layer, you can check the class of a layer in its detail information, in the Associated Feature Class section.

3) For layer with large amount of features, the editing might cause a refresh time for 1-2 seconds to take effect. You can also try to Hide the layer From the Map, and then Show On Map again to force a refresh of the display.
Zax Zeng
Duwei Technology
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