Shutting off shapefile without deleting it

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Shutting off shapefile without deleting it

帖子logrady » 2019-06-20 9:17

I have some tiles downloaded via OSM. These work fine and can easily be turned on and off in User Data folder using “select on map” after choosing the file.

I uploaded a shapefile (individual files rather than .zip) via iTunes. They appeared in my User Data file no problem. I don’t recall exactly how I “turned it on” but once I did it sort of overshadowed the other areas of my map (primarily because the fill colour of the shapefile was an ugly orange colour and not opaque enough to see my other data points). I was unable to find a way to turn off the shapefile as I could find a “hide from map” option so I had to delete it. The shapefile was made by my local municipal government and contains some data I’m really interested in using.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Thanks.
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Re: Shutting off shapefile without deleting it

帖子Zax » 2019-07-15 3:23

All shape files would be imported with a default style, since the SHP file format could not carry style informations.

So if there is a big rectangle feature within the shape, which would be displayed and covers map and features under it.
Your issue could be fixed by just adjusting the style of the layer manually without using the default one.

How to set styles of shape layers?
Each shape layer would be imported as a Layer item and a Feature Class item (with an icon like a library), go to the detail of the feature class, and add Basic Styles / Conditional Styles to it then Apply to make the change. More details could be found here: ... atureclass ... itionstyle

More, you can specify an existing feature class for importing SHP files so that they could be imported and associated with styles within it. Attention this feature class should also contains all fields/attributes same as the SHP which we called them as "Custom Properties" in this app.
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