"Checked-off" or "Been" capability?

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"Checked-off" or "Been" capability?

帖子LordOfSpamAlot » 2019-07-13 7:48

Hi! I'm really liking the app so far.

I've also been using CityMaps2Go, and I often used the "Been" feature of that app, where you can check off a place after you've been there and it will turn grey on the map. I was wondering if there is any way I can replicate this on Map Plus?

I could manually change the icon for each place that I have been, but for each place that takes 6 taps with loading delays in between. Is there a more efficient way to do this?

I want to keep the locations visible on the map as well, so that I can see where I've been. I also have been using the numbered icons, and I would like to keep the number the same. Maybe a small check symbol could be displayed on or around the place icon on the map.

Please let me know if anyone has a good way to do this! Thanks!
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Re: "Checked-off" or "Been" capability?

帖子Zax » 2019-07-15 4:16

1) For a similar been feature, you can turn on the "Arrival Notification" switch for multiple features with a radius distance.
This will display a circle around the point and if you have been there once, the circle would be shrink or disappear.

Attention that the "Arrival Notification" feature would use GPS even when app is running in background (e.g. when the phone is locked), which consumes much more battery.

2) For quick toggle styles of a point's icon, it is suggested to use a Feature Class.

i) Create a feature class for points with the same styles and rules, by going to User Data > add > Create Feature Class... > Point. Name it as "Beenable" for example.
ii) Add a Custom Property to it, typed as "Text", named as "Beenable Point" or as you wish.
iii) Add a Basic Style to it, Pick "Icon Image", and choose an icon that could represents the Not-Yet-Been points.
iii) Add a Conditional Style to it, set Condition Expression as [BEEN]=="YES", Add Style to this condition with a "Icon Image" set as an icon which represents the Already-Been points.
iv) Input following content into the "NOTES" field of the class.
代码: [全选]
<a href="mpps://updateproperty?BEEN=YES">Click For Arrived</a> |
<a href="mpps://updateproperty?BEEN=NO">Reset</a>

The NOTES field actually supports full HTML, JS and CSS, so you can adjust the above HTML content with more HTML rich formatted elements, for example, in order to make the text bigger:
代码: [全选]
<a href="mpps://updateproperty?BEEN=NO" style="font-size:1.5em;">...</a>

IMG_E71C1DA6CE57-1.jpeg (509.94 KiB) 被浏览 1203 次

Now the class is prepared and you can apply it to all imported that you want to support this "Been" style.
In order to bulk apply, go to User Data > select > pick all points or folders to be applied with this class > style > Apply Feature Class > choose the class you just created and done.
http://duweis.com/support/viewdoc.html? ... lass#apply

Now select one feature on the map, then tap the "Click For Arrived" to mark it as arrived and the icon will changed automatically.

If you want to drop new points with this class as default, toggle the map to edit mode, then set this class to replace one of the (most not used) edit menu item, as article shown bellow:
http://duweis.com/support/viewdoc.html? ... om_stencil

About the number icons, you can also implement that in the same way by using feature class with conditional styles. For example, add a custom property named "COUNT" and multiple conditional styles each represents a count number and bound with an Icon Image with specified number on it. Like "[COUNT]==3" with an icon of "3" on it. Notice that you can import custom icons from either photo album, share file documents or online url.

More docs on using feature class, conditional styles and HTML notes:
http://duweis.com/support/viewdoc.html? ... atureclass
http://duweis.com/support/viewdoc.html? ... itionstyle
http://duweis.com/support/viewdoc.html? ... k=050_html
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