Exporting .shp files from MapPlus

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Exporting .shp files from MapPlus

帖子Sterntaucher » 2019-05-06 15:35

Hi there,

maybe there is sth wrong with my workflow and someone can help me:

I need to export a bunch of waypoints with some customized attributes (MapPlus: "custom properties").
To include those custom properties in the exported file, I have to choose the .shp file format (both the .gpx and .kml syntax doesn't support custom properties).

The problem is, when I export in .shp format, the time stamp of the included waypoints/features gets lost.

How can I export features in .shp format without loosing the time information of each feature?

Thx a lot,

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Re: Exporting .shp files from MapPlus

帖子Zax » 2019-05-07 4:44

While exporting SHP:
1. The "Export Custom Properties" switch enables the exporting of all custom properties.
2. The "System Attributes Export" list enables exported system attributes such as Name, Label (in Style)...
Sorry but since the "System Attributes Export" lack of "TIME" currently, so there is no way to export the timestamp.

The only solution would be create your own time field as a custom property, and set it to be proper value when created new points.
You can feature class with html notes and some javascript to simplify the initialization of such field.

By the way, while exporting KML, the "Export Extended Data" option enables you to export all custom properties as standard <ExtendedData> nodes, that might be supported by some GIS softwares while handling the file. And the "Properties Describe Table" would make a HTML table in features' descriptions, so that you can view all custom properties in Google Earth (They appears in the popup window for the selected feature).
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