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PostPosted: 2011-12-24 12:32
by Techland
Dear Sir,

I have been researching safe apps in the store for quite some time, and did not find any to suit my needs perfectly. As I am travelling a lot I want to have ALL my personal data plus my business data in the safe, always with me and there when I need it. This requires much more than the usual 'Username/Password/Pin' entries. But even apps with customizable entries fail at certain points, like adding multiple photos (scans of multipaged documents) to a single entry. Additionally I want to see a clear user interface where the relevant information can be seen on an iPone without using glasses (black and bold letters - YES). Private Pal has it all plus some more ideas never seen before. It feels like a christmas gift to finally see someone who did it all correctly right from the start!

I gave your free app a 5 star review in the german iTunes store, expecting that you will quickly adress the few minor points that need to be fixed to make this the 100% safe for everyone. Here are my comments:

- landscape mode is not supported yet. This would be very useful when looking at photos, but is also a major requirement when adding iPad support.

- the log-in screen should have an alternative - the number keypad, like when entering Restrictions. It's much easier to use on the iPhone, but even on the iPad I would prefer that. And makes logging in quicker if you use numbers anyway.

- in every entry you show 'Belong to Categories' as last point (should be Belongs). Please remove this one. Make it only visible when editing the entry. I don't see why one should be bothered with that info as long as one is NOT editing an entry.

- when putting your finger on a field it says 'Copy'. You should extend this to 'Open in' (for web adresses) and 'Call' for telephone numbers.

- Same for a photo. In this case it should allow to export the pic into the Camera roll. So whenever I need an important document on paper I can use any computer to transfer it and to print it out.

- I saw screenshots where all branches, means all categories are shown at the same time (nested view). I can't manage to get this view with Private Pal free. It would be nice to toggle betwen the current view and the nested view by simply hitting the Category view button at the bottom a second time.

- and as said before: iPad/HD support, please! This app screams for the iPad, with all its extensive capabilities.

So thanks again for this wonderfull app and have a nice christmas!

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PostPosted: 2011-12-24 15:00
by Zax
Hi, Techland

It is now the Christmas Eve in our local time when we read your letter, all your appreciation and suggestions is also the best gift for our Christmas.

We've talked about all suggestions carefully and decided to implement most of them in the next version. and HD version is also on our schedule now.

For what you mentioned about the screenshots with all branches (nested view), I want to explain it with more details here, and hope it could help you use Private Pal better:
First, When viewing or editing an item, you can tap the "Hierarchy Button" (the green button right to the category name in "Belong To Category" section) of a category to expand this category with all its ancestors ordered by hierarchy level. (attention that root category do not have this button)
Second, When editing an item, you can tap any category name or "Add To Other Categories" cell to open the "category tree" with all categories listed with hierarchy (nested), which is what we provided in screenshots. I don't know why you can not get this in free version, maybe you have not created enough categories, and please notice that if you open the "category tree" for a category to choose its parent, current category and all its sub ones will not be listed in the tree, since one could not belong to its son, nor to itself.

Really Thanks a lot for so~ many good suggestions,
Merry Christmas & Best Wishes.

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PostPosted: 2011-12-24 15:15
by Techland
Thanks a lot four your quick reply. It is so good to hear that you want to make Private Pal the number 1 safe app in the store. I will happily stir some buzz for you and recommend it as much as possible if this comes true. And I got a lot of friends... ;)

Thanks for the hint about the nested view. I get the same on the free version, so that is ok. But please note that the idea was to be able to toggle between a nested (complete) view of the whole structure and the current view right from the front/start page. That might be usefull when the safe has a lot of content.

So back to the christmas tree... :D

Oh, by the way...because Private Pal is so amazing I downloaded Map Plus to try it out. What a nice tool to get an extended Google Maps functionality. Thanks a lot for that one! Much appreciated!

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PostPosted: 2011-12-24 15:41
by Zax
Really Thanks for your appreciation for both of our apps :)

I think we have got your idea about how to toggle the views, but since there are some more things we have to think about for this feature, such as which one to expand and which one to fold? Will this make it more complex for people to change parent categories? ...

As you mentioned, current implementation is not good when people have too many categories, we will try to find solutions for this, based on your suggestions,

Really Thanks, & Best Regards,

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PostPosted: 2013-09-05 6:29
by rs3gold
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PostPosted: 2016-03-28 6:14
by Slav
Do you plan make android version ?

Please make cloud sync.