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Share 74 icons for Private Pal

PostPosted: 2012-07-11 12:15
by Zax
Please download icon package here:
Download 72x Icons package

How to install:
1、Use iTunes to copy your downloaded package to PP's "Share Files".
2、Run PP -> Settings -> Archive/Import -> (Select the downloaded files)-> Import/Sync File -> Input password of “q” -> Done。

After importing, you can use or manage those icons in "Custom Icon" section in "Choose Icon" screen.

Icons Preview:

Re: Share 74 icons for Private Pal

PostPosted: 2012-07-15 7:34
by Zax
The previous released icon package would contain a root category in Chinese, which has been fixed into English now, but if you have already imported it ,use the attachment named: "Recovery_PP_Root_En.ppxa" and import it with password of "q" to recovery the name of root categories to English.

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