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App Language

PostPosted: 2019-07-11 20:45
by ajvial
Hello. After a business trip to china the app is all in Chinese characters. So i can not use it any more.
Is there any way to change the language to english?
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Re: App Language

PostPosted: 2019-07-15 3:32
by Zax
Please go to iOS Settings > General > Language & Regions > Edit
Ensure you have add/drag "English" in front of "Chinese Simplified" in the "Preferred Language Ordered" list.
Then relaunch the app again.

Re: App Language

PostPosted: 2019-07-25 17:44
by ajvial
Thanks a lot.

Re: App Language

PostPosted: 2019-08-14 8:29
by Sapnapawar
Thanks a lot. Thanks for sharing!