How to Use An Offline Map

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How to Use An Offline Map

Postby TRUONGNHTN » 2019-05-03 7:51

I was make my own offline map on a desktop computer with some tool QGIS (mbtiles, KML). And, I was import an existing offline map file to Map Plus sucessful.
How to Use An Offline Map.
example the direction route searching function while not have Internet.
I can't find navigation functionality while I'm offline.
I need you to support me.
Thanks you! :P
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Re: How to Use An Offline Map

Postby Zax » 2019-05-07 4:28

Some tips on offline usage:

1. The Search Place, Search Route(Navigation) and Address Query functions requires connections to Apple or Google's online services. For offline usage, you need to prepare them while Internet is available, then save all prepared places, routes to User Data with customized folders. They could be find and use from User Data after that for show on map, style editing, or voice guidance following, even with customized instruction voice texts.

2. The "Custom online maps" requires connections to map providers's servers. If you want to view them offline, please use the app's Download Map tool to create an offline map for spec regions and resolutions, then you can load and view the custom offline map without Internet. Btw, the app may cache recent viewed tiles of custom online maps so that you can still view them without Internet, but plz do not reply on that, since the cache may be cleared because of many internal reasons.

3. The "System Maps", including the iOS road, sat, hybrid, etc, requires connections to Apple's map server, and there is no way to make a offline region for it till now.

4. Except all the above, all other functions and data could be used offline with no difference. For example locating, tracking following, custom imported data viewing, editing, etc..
Anyway, please notice that the GPS locating may not work on WiFi iPad since it does not embedded with a GPS chip but only use WiFi and Online services to locate. More, without Internet, the initial locating of iOS device may be much slower since lack the help of online locating assistance.
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