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Google Plus Code

Postby Fmpedrosa » 2018-11-26 13:15

Somehow we can search and pin Google plus codes on Map Plus?
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Re: Google Plus Code

Postby Zax » 2018-11-27 0:59

Fmpedrosa wrote:Somehow we can search and pin Google plus codes on Map Plus?

Sorry but I'm not quite clear about what do you really want to do.
Map Plus is a totally different app from Google plus, although they both has a "plus" in name, the "plus" here indicates it could do much more than the iOS's native Map app. For example, importing, viewing, editing, styling, exporting custom data, add custom online maps such as Google or Bing, supporting professional GIS formats such as SHP, DWG, GeoJSON, Tracking recording, and many enhancement for making it convenient for users such as "Web Browser Access", "Guide Mark", "Arrival Notification"...

It provide a place searching tool for finding a place with a giving address or name, but there is no support for searching from other services such as Google plus or the Internet.
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