track lines dont appear until you zoom in very close

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track lines dont appear until you zoom in very close

帖子mike » 2018-09-14 11:27

we make maple syrup and use map plus to map out our tubing lines. one of our employees is having an issue in which it only shows the beginning and end of the lines he maps and the lines are not showing up in his folder. when he zooms in you can see the line, but for everyone else we see our lines at full screen mode. also everyone else has their tracks saved in a folder but we cant find his lines in his user data. any ideas or suggestions on how to fix these is greatly appreciated!
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Re: track lines dont appear until you zoom in very close

帖子Zax » 2018-10-15 1:20

Sorry for the late reply, here is something wrong with our mail notification system so that we did not get the notification for new topics. For better supporting experience, you can contact directly.

Sorry for my poor English that we are not so clear about the issue you describes. If you mean a track is on the map but not in User data, it may be because the track is still recording and not been saved yet, please select the track on the map and choose "Stop" for a save. If a track is in user data but not on the map, then check the style setting for tracks, for example, whether the track's line color is set as totally transparent or its line width is set to be too big or small? Please notice that there is a default track width setting for recording tracks in the app's Settings.
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