Thx for enhancements and some suggestions

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Thx for enhancements and some suggestions

Postby Sterntaucher » 2018-07-11 13:37

Hello MapPlus Team,
a warm thank You for the latest enhancements in Map Plus 2.8 which again helps making my ecological work in the field more efficient.

Some suggestions concerning the latest version. There are three main buttons now: the center/home button, map layer button and the settings/tools button.

The drop down menu of these buttons is almost perfect, though two points could be changed:

Could you rearrange the map layer menu this way:

-Album Map
-Custom Map
-System Map
-Map Download

In this menu all features concerning maps can be found at one place. Especially 'Map Download' should be placed in the map's menu as it is directly related to maps.

The button with the '•••' menu this way:

-Edit Mode
-Tools (show Dashboard inside, as it is a kind of tool)
-Settings (the 'Purchases' and 'Hide Buttons' features now placed inside 'Settings')
-User Data

My second suggestion is concerning to measurement / distance information. I'll show it in a separate thread.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Thx for enhancements and some suggestions

Postby Zax » 2018-07-12 7:26

Thx Sterntaucher for your suggestions.

We'll adjust the on map menu in the next version as below:

The Layer Menu:
-Album Map
-Custom Map
-System Map
-Projection Model

The More Menu:
Map UI
Edit Mode
User Data

The Map UI menu item would include all map related settings, such as zoom level, center indicator, dashboard, waypoint button, hide all buttons, etc.
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