Divide Path?

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Divide Path?

Postby sweth » 2018-07-10 20:38

Where does the option to divide a path live now? I remember it being under Adjust, the way it is described at http://miocool.com/support/viewdoc.html ... k=020_edit , but one of the UI changes since that was written has apparently moved it?
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Re: Divide Path?

Postby Sterntaucher » 2018-07-11 14:04

Hi sweeth

to divide a path:

1. tap the '•••' button and start the 'Edit Mode'

2. tap on the path, a pop up window will appear

3. choose 'edit', then 'Adjust Point' from the pop up window

4. choose a Point within the path by tapping on it, another pop up window will appear

5. Tap 'edit' and then 'Divide' on the pop up window

6. choose 'divide' to confirm
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