dxf file importing always failed

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dxf file importing always failed

帖子Adhadi » 2018-02-02 10:55

Hello friend, i am adhadi and newbie.

I was tried to import dxf file format to my apps, but the loading is too long and never ending.
Anyone can help me to answer it?

The file size is 99 Mb. Are this had an effect?

Thank you
Loading never finish
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Re: dxf file importing always failed

帖子Zax » 2018-02-03 4:58

From the screenshot, we have no idea what happens. The dxf support is limited in current version, which would be greatly improved in the next update, anyway, the slow process is reasonable if the data scale is too large, try to reduce the file scale and importing parts of your data separately and check if there is a change? or Would you mind sending us a sample file at support@duweis.com
Zax Zeng
Duwei Technology
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