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Map Download Improvements

帖子ddrinka » 2018-01-30 0:22

I have a couple ideas for how map downloads could be improved:
  • Imagery for tiles should be stored independently of the reference to that imagery from a source. This way if two downloads reference the same tile, the imagery is only downloaded once, but both online sources keep a reference to that imagery, which can be freed when both sources are deleted or refreshed. This way I can extend the area of a download and not fear duplicating data in overlapping areas.
  • The download process should differentiate between a 404 and a 500 error, and allow a retry of tiles that returned 500 errors (or network errors) at the end of the download process. A source throttling a download should never return a 404. A 404 should be assumed to represent "imagery not available", whereas any other error should be retryable, once or many times.
  • I should be able to download data from multiple sources for a single region. Currently I have to approximate the trapezoid for each additional source I'm downloading from.
  • I think it makes more sense to keep downloaded tiles organized with the original source. If an online tile isn't available, an available offline tile can be substituted on the map. Deleting a source deletes all downloaded tiles. It also just keeps things from getting so cluttered with lots of different areas downloaded from a single source.

This app is really quite stupendous and finally won me from my long-time favorite Motion-X GPS, but I think Motion-X's offline functionality makes more sense (it behaves as above).
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Re: Map Download Improvements

帖子Zax » 2018-02-03 4:50

if you want to download multiple source to single storage, you can use the lua or javascript map source to defines such complicated rules, and create a custom map with that script. please refer to the online document for lua details, the javascript is similar: ... &k=052_lua

Then, about ignore of 404, in the downloading screen, tap the Optin button and enable Ignore Network Error, then try again.

We'll considering others of your suggestions, and many thanks for all of them.
Zax Zeng
Duwei Technology
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