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iCloud support

PostPosted: 2017-07-12 12:41
by Sterntaucher
Hi there!

I'm usung MapPus in its full version with any in app purchases available on my iPad mini.

For Backup and easier file exchange purpose I started to use Apple's iCloud for the very first time. With some other apps (Office and audio editing apps) iCloud works well, I can save or import data, create folders and so on.

When trying to use iCloud from my MapPlus, no saving to is possible. For example, when I start a backup (384 MB) from Mapplus, it creates the backup and then starts to upload the backup to iCloud. There is a progress bar shown, but there is no progress. I think it doesnt upload at all. The same thing, when I try to export data (waypoints, tracks, areas..) to iCloud. It looks like working, but no file is placed to iCloud.

My connection is fast, there is about 4 GB space left for data in my iCloud account.

What can I try next?

Thanks al lot!

Re: iCloud support

PostPosted: 2017-07-12 16:47
by Zax
Sterntaucher wrote:What can I try next?

While exporting or backup to iCloud, the app only need to save the file to a specified local folder (iCloud Container) and it does not need or could do nothing else to control the time and progress for the iOS system to upload the file to the cloud, which are fully controlled by the iOS (Apple) system itself.

iOS start and manage the file uploading at anytime as it want, and it use private strategy to decide which task would be handle first, maybe the priority is based on the file size, the usage of the app, or after waiting for some related background tasks to finish. In simple word, we have no control on iCloud file uploading. More, in our experience, iCloud is not a so stable service, sometimes some server issues may cause the service because really unstable or unavailable temporarily.

As suggestions:
1) Don't make the file too big (select less data to export), especially while doing test.
2) Wait for couple of hours and check again. Please notice that you don't have to remain in the app or keep it alive while the iCloud uploading is in progress, which is a independent process managed by the iOS system, although our app might optionally be notified about the finished percentage.

If issue still there, please no hesitate to let us and really so sorry for that.

Re: iCloud support

PostPosted: 2017-07-12 19:55
by Sterntaucher
Thanks a lot, I'm going to try that out with patience ;)