International version of MOBAC 1.9.11

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International version of MOBAC 1.9.11

帖子Zax » 2013-02-28 2:22

Miocool has released the Mobile Atlas Creator's International version with Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional Language support besides English.

Also we fixed the bug of previewing retina images(512x512) in MOBAC, which may be useful for previewing and downloading Googel/Nokia HD map with a parameter of "....&scale=2" or "/512/".

And provide a double-click start file (start.jar) for OSX users.

We also add new map source support of local image to stretch to map region like this:
代码: [全选]
  <name>Local Image Merge Map</name>
    ........Other Maps Here..............

Please download this MP version of MOBAC here:
And source code in Java are also in this shared folder:

Here is a screenshot for it with Chinese Language selected:
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